What is Malabar Gold EMI Scheme 2024 | मालाबार गोल्ड योजना क्या है, जानकारी और लाभ

Malabar Gold EMI Scheme how to apply, motive, benefits, beneficiary, qualification, documents, official website, helpline number | मालाबार गोल्ड योजना क्या है, आवेदन कैसे करें, उद्देश्य, लाभ, लाभार्थी, योग्यता, दस्तावेज, आधिकारिक वेबसाइट, हेल्पलाइन नंबर

Many schemes in the country are started by the Central Government and State Governments. But this scheme has been started by a private company Malabar Group. Through this scheme, the company sells gold at the same price across the country, so that the interests of the customers buying gold are protected and they do not have to suffer losses.

Generally, the price of gold is different in all parts and cities of the country. Keeping this in view, this scheme One India One Gold Rate has been started by Malabar Gold and Diamond Company. Under this, customers will be allowed to buy 100% BIS-hallmarked gold at a good price. And under this, gold will be available at the same price at all the stores of this company. बाल सेवा योजना उत्तर प्रदेश 

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Malabar Gold Monthly Scheme Details 2024

Malabar Gold EMI Scheme
Malabar Gold EMI Scheme
Name of SchemeMalabar Gold Loan Scheme
MotiveProviding uniform gold price across the country
BenefitsProviding 100% BIS Hallmarked Gold at fair price
BeneficiaryAll citizens of the country
Official Websitehttps://www.malabargoldanddiamonds.com/scheme-payment.html

Malabar Gold EMI Scheme Objective(मालाबार गोल्ड योजना का उद्देश्य)

Gold has been given great importance in our country. It has been used as an essential item or jewelry in every auspicious function like weddings, ceremonies, etc. During the Corona epidemic, there was turmoil in many places, due to which the price of gold was skyrocketing. Keeping this in view, Malabar Group has started the Malabar Gold Scheme, under which gold will be available at a uniform price across the country. बिहार साइकिल योजना से मिले रहे 3500 रूपए

Malabar Gold Scheme Benefits(मालाबार गोल्ड योजना के लाभ)

  • Under this scheme, customers will get pure gold at the same price at all Malabar stores in the country under the One India One Gold Rate by Malabar Group.
  • Under this, you can take a gold loan up to a maximum of Rs 2 crore at the rate of 10%.
  • Under this scheme, you can buy jewelry in installments and that too at a minimum EMI of Rs 1,000, and under this you will have to pay EMI for 11 months, then you can buy that jewelry according to its price at that time.
  • Under this scheme, 100% BIS-hallmarked gold will be available at the same price in all the states of the country.
  • The company will give lifetime protection to the customer on the purchase of gold. You will also get facilities like 0% deduction on exchange and a good price on buyback.
  • By purchasing from of stock option, you can also buy those items that are out of stock and they will be made as per your request. Customers will have to click on the smart buy option for this.
  • Some jewelry like bangles, rings, chains, and bracelets have to be made depending on the required size. If the person wants to get the same product in different sizes, then they have to choose the Smart Buy + Customize option. In this, the customer can also buy those bracelets, etc. which are not in stock.

Malabar Gold Monthly Scheme Details

Malabar Gold EMI Scheme Eligibility Criteria(मालाबार गोल्ड योजना के लिए जरूरी शर्ते या पात्रता)

  • A 14-day return policy is not available in the given options. But if the customer is not satisfied with the product then they can return it at the store or online as per the normal exchange policy and buy-back rate.
  • There will be a slight variation in the rate between the final product and the amount paid when placing the order.
  • Tax exemption varies from laptop to laptop.

New law regarding gold hallmarking

The Gold Hallmarking rule has come into effect across the country from June 1, 2021, under which jewelers will no longer be able to cheat customers. Under this, the new Consumer Protection Act 2019 has come into force in the country, which will now apply to all gold jewelry. Under this, if jewelers cheat customers then strict action will be taken against them. आत्मनिर्भर भारत रोजगार योजना

How to Pay Malabar Gold Scheme Online(मालाबार गोल्ड योजना में आवेदन कैसे करें)

  • For this, you will have to go to the official website of the scheme from the given link.
  • There you will find an app named Malabar Gold and Diamond which can be downloaded by Android users or iOS users.
Malabar Gold Loan Play Store
Malabar Gold Loan Play Store
  • Then you have to install this app and click on the Sign Up Here option.
Malabar Scheme Signup
Malabar Scheme Signup
  • Then you have to fill your name, email, mobile number, date of birth, gender, marital status, password and click on the Register button.
Link An Account
Link An Account
  • Then you have to login and if you want, you can link one of your accounts.
Gold Purchase Plans
Gold Purchase Plans
  • Then you have to choose your plan.
  • Then you have to click on the Gold Purchase Plans option.
Make New Plan Registration
Make New Plan Registration
  • Then you have to select your plan and click on the Make New Plan Registration button.
Make Payment
Make Payment

Malabar Gold to invest Rs 1600 crore to open 56 new stores

Malabar Gold and Diamond Group will invest Rs 16,00 crore in this financial year to open 56 new stores in the country and abroad. Of these 56 new stores, 40 will be opened in India and 16 abroad. With this, the company will create 1750 new employment opportunities in this financial year.

Stores will be opened abroad in Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Under this, a target has been set to triple the retail network which currently has more than 250 stores to 750 in 2023.

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Malabar Gold Scheme Official Websiteयहां क्लिक करें
Malabar Gold Scheme Appयहां क्लिक करें
Malabar Gold Scheme customer care +912262300916, WhatsApp number = +91 9167780916

सोवरेन गोल्ड बॉन्ड स्कीम


क्या मालाबार गोल्ड स्कीम अच्छी है?

EMI के तहत गहने खरीदने के लिए मालाबार गोल्ड योजना एक अच्छी योजना है जिसमे न्यूनतम 1,000 रूपए/महीने की राशि 11 तक देनी होगी और आप सोना खरीद सकते है।

मालाबार गोल्ड में मेकिंग चार्ज कितना है?

इस योजना के तहत ग्राहक उस समय चल रही सोने की दर पर गहने खरीद सकते है और ग्राहक से किसी भी प्रकार का 12% का मेकिंग चार्ज नहीं लिया जाएगा।

मैं अपनी मालाबार गोल्ड स्कीम कैसे रद्द करू?

जब एक बार आप गहनों का ऑर्डर देते है तो गहने आपके पास पहुंचने से पहले इसे आपकी ओर से रद्द किया जा सकता है। फिर कंपनी द्वारा 10 दिनों के भीतर कंपनी द्वारा ग्राहक को वापस भुगतान कर दिया जाएगा।

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