This Arundhati Gold Scheme is started by the Assam government.

The Assam government has started the Arundhati Gold Scheme so parents can give their daughters gold at their wedding.

so, under this, the Assam government will gift a blessing amount of Rs 40 thousand.

Gold is always considered auspicious and a symbol of wealth, hence giving gold jewelry by parents to their daughters.

so, under the scheme, the parents will be given an amount of Rs 40,000 to buy gold.

the objective of this Arundhati Gold Scheme is to provide the facility to buy gold to the parents of financially incapable girls.

Arundhati Gold Scheme will be managed by the Department of Revenue and Disaster Management.

The applicant girl should apply for the Arundhati Gold Scheme on the same day as she applies for her marriage registration.

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